Gong and Reisling

Looking for work, the party heard tell of mercenary work in the city of Gong.

Travelling to the city they became employed by the Duchess Minerva Aukermann to retrieve a magical artifact stolen by thieves posing as clerics of Pelor. With the aid of a masked agent of Gong named Alphonse, the party assaulted the caravan and returned the artifact. Alphonse left giving the party magical amulets that would signal when they were required to work further.

The party then travelled to Prosper where Dim Tim’s wife had found a bakery for sale. Buying the bakery, the heroes began to fix it up. The first night in the house the foundation began to vibrate and a portal was discovered in the basement.

Travelling through the portal, the party found themselves in some sort of other dimension where time did not pass normally and hunger and thirst were non existent.

They discovered that this at one time was some sort of fiendish restaurant run by the former owner of Dim Tim’s bakery,the famous Chef Reisling. The restaurant was closed down and an automated message informed the party that the chef was working on a private contract.

Exploring the restaurant the party found lemures and imps unloading prisoners from a skyship manned by unidentified humanoids. The prisoners where split into two groups, one descending into the restaurant and the other being feed through a massive grinder.

Freeing a group of prisoners, the party delved deeper, discovering a massive kitchen when hundreds of figures in chef whites slaved away under the eye of a bellowing head chef with a familiar voice.

-to be continued.



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