Reisling's food dimension Part 2

The party continued to be trapped in Chef Reisling’s food dimension. Disguising themselves as kitchen help and teaming up with the gnoll paladin “Honest” Gnolan, the group investigated further.

Adventure notes:

-Reisling was a massive blue dragon disguised as a human.
-defeating wave after wave of lemures, the group found a portal to some infernal plane that food was being transferred through.
-a massive brain in a domed room that controlled the kitchen staff, keeping them in their zombie like state.
-In Reisling’s office, the party discovered two contracts, one to supply food to the Baatezu in the blood war. One to provide food to the mysterious “R,” previously encountered in correspondences to the Kobold cult under Harvest and once again sealed with the ruined skull emblem.
-In a heated pipe the party discovered an enslaved, elder fire elemental. Tim and Jimmy struck a nefarious bargain with the creature and freed it in the nick of time to save the party from an enraged Reisling, who had discovered their disruption of his operation.
-the Elemental battled the dragon in the sky and their titanic fight wrecked horrible ruin on the kitchen, killing chefs and destroying fixtures left and right.
-Fighting the brain, the party managed to destroy it, freeing the remaining slaves from their thrall.
-The elemental barely destroyed Reisling and proceeding to burn to cinders the rest of the demi-plane in his limitless anger.
-Tim’s children lowered a rope for the party, as the portal in Tim’s basement had opened at Reisling’s death. The remaining prisoners and the party escaped just as the plane was fully engulfed in flame.
-Most of the slaves left with heartfelt thanks but a confused satyr remained, jumping around Tim’s house.



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