King Samuel Zongo the infant, ruler of Zongo

Totally a baby, totally a king, totally a god?


The infant king known as Samuel Zongo was just a newborn when his parents were killed in a terrible fire. Miraculously, the baby survived unharmed and was crowned, with his uncle, the Duke of Minerva acting as regent.

As time went on, it was discovered that Samuel was not ageing a day and a rumour began to spread. The sky baby, a constant for millennia had disappeared years prior, and now a baby had survived a fire that had claimed it’s parents and remained eternally youthful? This had to be a sign that this was the earthly incarnation of the astral entity. The common folk quickly flocked to Zongo worshipping before the babe. Soon a church was formed.

The Church of Zongo has become a very serious player in the streets of Mezzarhombacon and it is rare to find a decent sized town that does not have at least a small shrine dedicated to the holy baby. Clerics of the church can be found healing the sick and aiding the poor.

Now the baby king sits on the throne/cradle of a powerful theologian empire and at the head of an ever growing holy army, whether he knows it or not.

King Samuel Zongo the infant, ruler of Zongo

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