Pirates of the Necrid Expanse

The party quickly recovered from their time in the food dimension and set about opening Tim’s bakery.

The bakery opened, with some competitive arson from Jimmy. El Gaupo, an importer/exporter approached the party with a product called Java that could be sold for a large profit and paired well with baked goods, but his shipments from the Wild Reaches had been interrupted by a large band of pirates. The party was hired to accompany a contingent of soldiers from Efrafa into the Necrid expanse to track down the pirates and return the trade goods in exchange for access to the product.

On the way to Efrafa the party was attacked by three strange demons and some human cultists of the still unidentified cult they had continuously been running into. Upon defeating these killers, a thin man in black was seen observing the party (obviously in league with the attackers), but he departed before being confronted.

In Efrafa while waiting for the skyship to depart, the group saved a gnomish orphan boy from a Night hag after a near fatal battle. The boy, Ruttiger, soon latched himself to Gnolan and began work as a squire.

The ship departed into the black void of the Necrid Expanse where the ship discovered a base built into a floating rock. Three smaller pirate ships attacked, unloading pirate Bugbears and a puppet dressed like a captain onto the deck. The pirates fled and the party investigated the base, while the war ship pursued the brigands.

The base was a strange toy castle where they were attacked by a doll vampire, huge teddy bear and doll princess. Barely defeating their foes, the party encountered a frail old man, apparently the creator of these toys, who promised no more piracy if the party allowed him to leave in peace. They agreed and he left on a small flying vessel with his remaining sentient toys.

The group found the missing trade goods and burned down the castle, awaiting the military vessels’ return.

Reisling's food dimension Part 2

The party continued to be trapped in Chef Reisling’s food dimension. Disguising themselves as kitchen help and teaming up with the gnoll paladin “Honest” Gnolan, the group investigated further.

Adventure notes:

-Reisling was a massive blue dragon disguised as a human.
-defeating wave after wave of lemures, the group found a portal to some infernal plane that food was being transferred through.
-a massive brain in a domed room that controlled the kitchen staff, keeping them in their zombie like state.
-In Reisling’s office, the party discovered two contracts, one to supply food to the Baatezu in the blood war. One to provide food to the mysterious “R,” previously encountered in correspondences to the Kobold cult under Harvest and once again sealed with the ruined skull emblem.
-In a heated pipe the party discovered an enslaved, elder fire elemental. Tim and Jimmy struck a nefarious bargain with the creature and freed it in the nick of time to save the party from an enraged Reisling, who had discovered their disruption of his operation.
-the Elemental battled the dragon in the sky and their titanic fight wrecked horrible ruin on the kitchen, killing chefs and destroying fixtures left and right.
-Fighting the brain, the party managed to destroy it, freeing the remaining slaves from their thrall.
-The elemental barely destroyed Reisling and proceeding to burn to cinders the rest of the demi-plane in his limitless anger.
-Tim’s children lowered a rope for the party, as the portal in Tim’s basement had opened at Reisling’s death. The remaining prisoners and the party escaped just as the plane was fully engulfed in flame.
-Most of the slaves left with heartfelt thanks but a confused satyr remained, jumping around Tim’s house.

Gong and Reisling

Looking for work, the party heard tell of mercenary work in the city of Gong.

Travelling to the city they became employed by the Duchess Minerva Aukermann to retrieve a magical artifact stolen by thieves posing as clerics of Pelor. With the aid of a masked agent of Gong named Alphonse, the party assaulted the caravan and returned the artifact. Alphonse left giving the party magical amulets that would signal when they were required to work further.

The party then travelled to Prosper where Dim Tim’s wife had found a bakery for sale. Buying the bakery, the heroes began to fix it up. The first night in the house the foundation began to vibrate and a portal was discovered in the basement.

Travelling through the portal, the party found themselves in some sort of other dimension where time did not pass normally and hunger and thirst were non existent.

They discovered that this at one time was some sort of fiendish restaurant run by the former owner of Dim Tim’s bakery,the famous Chef Reisling. The restaurant was closed down and an automated message informed the party that the chef was working on a private contract.

Exploring the restaurant the party found lemures and imps unloading prisoners from a skyship manned by unidentified humanoids. The prisoners where split into two groups, one descending into the restaurant and the other being feed through a massive grinder.

Freeing a group of prisoners, the party delved deeper, discovering a massive kitchen when hundreds of figures in chef whites slaved away under the eye of a bellowing head chef with a familiar voice.

-to be continued.

adventure #2 part 2

The party with the aid of the Knight’s of Heironius re-assaulted the mobile fortress and fought their way to the command centre. Defeating and binding the Sheriff, the party continued on to try and stop the fortress. Discovering a fiendish dog like creature in command, they engaged in a desperate battle but eventually prevailed, smashing the controls for the base. With the controls destroyed the massive creature began to fade from existence and the base on it’s back smashed to the ground.

With the thanks of the knights, the party returned the sheriff to little town where he was stripped of his awakened status. The party received a bunch of Druidic treasure and continued on to Prosper.

Adventure #2 part 1
little town and the beast

The party made their way to little town and helped fight back a raiding party of Gnolls. After being hired by the Mayor (an awakened turtle) to track down and bring to justice the former sheriff of the town, a wolf wanted for murder, the party set off to track the sheriff and the gnoll raiders he had joined.

Following the sheriff through the Cave of Dor Maud, the party encountered warring groups of soft drink cultists, each group worshipping a magical Pepsi and Coke machine. The party helped defeat the Coke worshippers.

To exit the dungeon, the party came face to face with a gigantic undead Caterpillar who claimed to be Dor Maud. Citing boredom, Dor Maud asked the party riddles in order to use a portal to pursue the Sheriff and the Gnolls.

The party found themselves weeks away from little town after exiting the portal and found that the Sheriff and his band had rejoined a larger group of gnolls, terrorizing the countryside in a mobile fortress, built on the back of a colossal lizard.

A knight of Heironious, Valorus Bax, urged the party to stop the raids by sneaking aboard the fortress and finding a way to disable it.

The party eventually sneaked aboard the fortress and fought dozens of gnolls. Half way through the fortress, the party found themselves near death and low on healing, so they retreated to gather their strength.

The Cactus Killer
The Cactus Killer

The party met on the long, corn lined, road to Harvest and decided to seek riches and glory together. They arrived in the bustling trade hub and found that the captain of the guards was looking for help in investigating a series of unusual serial murders.

The victims had all been stabbed in the chest 6 times in a perfectly symmetrical pattern and had their eyes removed, all while sleeping in a barred from the inside inn room.

The party was sent to stake out the inns and discovered that robed Kobolds were sneaking down chimneys at night and ritualistically stabbing the residents with spears, removing their eyes.

The party track this Kobold band to a long ruined Dwarven fortress and discovered a full blown cult operating from within, using the stolen eyes to create zombie dire rats that could see for the creator.

They freed the former leader of the group “Ramone” who helped them slay the fanatical Neska, a Kobold Cleric of an unknown entity whose symbol seems to be a human skull that is partially eaten.

The party also found a note from someone named “R” giving orders to Neska to destroy the town.

Gerbo the druid died during this encounter and was raised for a reduced fee by the temple of Zongo for his service to the town.

After the adventure, the party took the road to Prosper, seeking for adventure. One the way they dispatched some bandits, lead by an Ogre.

Once reaching Prosper, they were met by a mouse, wearing a vest who claimed to be awakened and from a village in the north called “little town.” He asked for aid in stopping a former resident of the town who was killing villagers with the help of a group of “bad things.”

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