Adventure #2 part 1

little town and the beast

The party made their way to little town and helped fight back a raiding party of Gnolls. After being hired by the Mayor (an awakened turtle) to track down and bring to justice the former sheriff of the town, a wolf wanted for murder, the party set off to track the sheriff and the gnoll raiders he had joined.

Following the sheriff through the Cave of Dor Maud, the party encountered warring groups of soft drink cultists, each group worshipping a magical Pepsi and Coke machine. The party helped defeat the Coke worshippers.

To exit the dungeon, the party came face to face with a gigantic undead Caterpillar who claimed to be Dor Maud. Citing boredom, Dor Maud asked the party riddles in order to use a portal to pursue the Sheriff and the Gnolls.

The party found themselves weeks away from little town after exiting the portal and found that the Sheriff and his band had rejoined a larger group of gnolls, terrorizing the countryside in a mobile fortress, built on the back of a colossal lizard.

A knight of Heironious, Valorus Bax, urged the party to stop the raids by sneaking aboard the fortress and finding a way to disable it.

The party eventually sneaked aboard the fortress and fought dozens of gnolls. Half way through the fortress, the party found themselves near death and low on healing, so they retreated to gather their strength.



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