An enemy unmasked

Baevran wildwanderer rewarded the party for their actions in Sodden and told them that a great power from another plane was behind the evil befalling Mezzarhombacon and that they were in great danger, but the barrier between the divine and prime prevented him from interfering. He then said that answers could be found in the Ashen Plains with something known as “Gribble the White.”

The party travelled to The Ashen Plains after resupplying in Prosper (and the Hiring of Kevron the Neutral, a barista now in the employ of Tim). On the way they encountered The Smiler, a mysterious and deadly happy faced helmeted warrior who beat some villagers to death for not smiling.

In the Ashen Plains the party travelled to Inferno, the volcanic capital where they asked for Gribble in a Taanari bar. After Tim struck a demonic deal with a Glabrezu the party were tricked and stuck in prison across from Gribble the White who they discovered to be a Gelugon and a Baatezu General, imprisoned by the demons during a skirmish.

The party utilizing Tim’s Mushroom Helm and Jimmy’s stealth freed Gribble and were rewarded with the identity of their enemy. Fraz-Urb’luu, Demon prince and lord of Hollows Heart had marked them.



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