The Cactus Killer

The Cactus Killer

The party met on the long, corn lined, road to Harvest and decided to seek riches and glory together. They arrived in the bustling trade hub and found that the captain of the guards was looking for help in investigating a series of unusual serial murders.

The victims had all been stabbed in the chest 6 times in a perfectly symmetrical pattern and had their eyes removed, all while sleeping in a barred from the inside inn room.

The party was sent to stake out the inns and discovered that robed Kobolds were sneaking down chimneys at night and ritualistically stabbing the residents with spears, removing their eyes.

The party track this Kobold band to a long ruined Dwarven fortress and discovered a full blown cult operating from within, using the stolen eyes to create zombie dire rats that could see for the creator.

They freed the former leader of the group “Ramone” who helped them slay the fanatical Neska, a Kobold Cleric of an unknown entity whose symbol seems to be a human skull that is partially eaten.

The party also found a note from someone named “R” giving orders to Neska to destroy the town.

Gerbo the druid died during this encounter and was raised for a reduced fee by the temple of Zongo for his service to the town.

After the adventure, the party took the road to Prosper, seeking for adventure. One the way they dispatched some bandits, lead by an Ogre.

Once reaching Prosper, they were met by a mouse, wearing a vest who claimed to be awakened and from a village in the north called “little town.” He asked for aid in stopping a former resident of the town who was killing villagers with the help of a group of “bad things.”



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