war profiteering

Returning to Prosper from their adventure in Gong, the party was slowed down by hordes of refuges heading to the capital.

Thousands of people, displaced by increasingly violent non-human raids on farm lands and villages set up in a camp around the main gates to the city, putting a strain on security and already dwindling resources.

The party was approached by their Coffee importing partner, El Gaupo. He brought to them an opportunity to make a profit during a bad situation.

The southern continent, unmolested by constant reaving, hosted rich farm lands where El Gaupo had established deals with the locals. By increasing the amount of trade with them El Gaupo hoped to bring in foodstuffs to sell to Prosper at an elevated cost.

The party was to meet with El Gaupo’s southern contact in the military outpost of Fort Stavros.

When they arrived they found that the contact was in fact a Kappa river spirit named “Toshi”



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